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About Us


After years of serving patients with a broad range of skin concerns, Dr. Spicer realized there was a need for specialized skincare line that didn't contain marketing "fluff" ingredients and provided consistency across its line of products, from cleanser, to moisturizer, to exfoliant.


With the ultimate health of his patient's in mind, one of Dr. Spicer's first priorities was to create a skincare line that was made of all natural ingredients. After numerous trial runs, Dr. Spicer discovered that although these products worked great, many turned rancid after a few months. Research revealed to Dr. Spicer that although adequate, many all-natural products are missing some of the most important ingredients to actually make them effective.

Dr. Spicer, with his vast science knowledge, teamed with an aesthetician, a skin care formulator and a chemist and all professionals analyzed potential ingredients. They studied which ingredients were effective alone, and which worked synergistically to create the greatest efficacy and healthiest results for the broadest range of skin types.

Épicé sources the purest, most natural ingredients and highest quality raw materials, such as the advanced patented technology of Swiss Apple Stem Cells from a Swiss laboratory. Épicé is revolutionizing skincare and continuously developing novel proprietary skincare products, from innovative sunscreen to therapeutic moisturizers.

Épicé Skincare products do not contain animal by-products and are not tested on animals, making them Vegan friendly. 

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About Épicé Purifying Exfoliant:


"Absolutely LOVE this product... It makes your face glow!"   ~   Tamiah Holmes


"One of the best skincare products I have ever used!"   ~   Kaylee Catz


"Fantastic, with no irritation."   ~   Brandi Frannie


"Better than Exfolikate. Finally found my HG. No more breakouts or blackheads!!"   ~   M.G.Trendel


"Love it! Makes my skin feel really refreshed. Using twice weekly for exfoliation."  ~ Robin Esperanza    


 "Épicé has a consistently good product."   ~   Sue Uhlig


 About Épicé Hydrating Mask...


"Not oily very nice on the skin!"   ~  Ashley Gowell


"Left my skin very hydrated and I love it!!!" ~ G. Macias


"Easy to wash off and extremely moisturizing. Also leaves skin with a more even tone."  ~   Libby Langer


"I have super dry skin. This made my skin feel amazing!"   ~   Amy Campbell


"This product is amazing. I love the feeling when it is on and when I take it off!"  ~  Tara Nicole


"Love this brand and product."   ~   A. Harrington


"Great face mask! My skin looked & felt amazing after using it!"   ~   Cindy Henning


"Made my skin so soft."   ~   Amanda Lopata


"So hydrating. My skin feels awesome afterwards."   ~   Sara Todd

"This formula is phenomenal. So easy to use and made my skin feel SO soft and extremely hydrated. I love it!"   ~   Vanessa Tibaldi

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