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Introducing the daily rejuvenation set, now available! This set not only offers incredible value, but also includes a free cosmetic bag with your purchase. You'll receive all of the essentials that come in our regular set, plus the added benefit of skin rejuvenation with our Epicell Recovery Serum. Say goodbye to dull, tired-looking skin and hello to a radiant, healthy glow with this ultimate skincare package. Order now and see the difference for yourself!

Daily Rejuvenation Set

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  • To use Cleanser:  Splash face with lukewarm water. Gently massage cleanser in a circular motion to remove impurities and makeup residue. Rinse and pat dry with a clean washcloth. For best results, use with Purifying Exfoliant twice a week. This will keep the skin smooth and free of excess debris from dead skin cells, make-up and the environment. Use in the morning and evening. Avoid contact with eyes.

    To use Exfoliant: Moisten skin with lukewarm water. Use alone or with Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Apply with your fingertips in a small, circular motion while avoiding sensitive areas around the eyes. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Use once or twice weekly. 

    To use Moisturizer: Apply lotion to body in circular motion after showering until absorbed by the skin. For best results, a second application may be applied after original has been fully absorbed by the skin.

    To use Serum: After cleansing and exfoliating, gently apply a single pump of Epicell Recovery Serum to the entire face each morning. For maximum skin cell rejuvenation, let sit until it is fully absorbed. 

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